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To rephrase simply means to write the same idea or question in an alternative manner to enhance clarity. It’s not just copying word-for-word; it’s about reshaping the original text to make it unique and more concise. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about rephrase meaning, with examples to help you understand better.

VERB Forms

The simple past: Rephrases

Present participle: Rephrasing

third-person singular simple present: Rephrases

What is Another Word for Rephrase?

  1. Reword
  2. Paraphrase
  3. Express differently
  4. Put another way
  5. Put differently
  6. Put in other words

Examples of Rephrase

Original Rephrased
The boy ran quickly to the store. The boy sprinted to the store.
The cake was delicious. The cake tasted scrumptious.
The car was driving too fast. The vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed.
She spoke in a soft voice. Her voice was gentle and subdued.
The dog barked loudly. The canine emitted a boisterous bark.
He was extremely tired. He felt utterly exhausted.
The book was very interesting. The book proved to be exceptionally captivating.
She sang beautifully. Her singing was lovely and melodious.
The sun is shining brightly. The sunlight is gleaming radiantly.
He ate his dinner quickly. He consumed his meal rapidly.
The film was really boring. The movie turned out to be quite dull.
The house was big. The residence was spacious.
The children were playing noisily. The kids were making a lot of noise while playing.
She was very happy to see her friends. She was overjoyed to meet her friends.
The ocean water was cold. The seawater was chilly.
The concert was loud. The performance was noisy.
He was not interested in the movie. The movie failed to capture his attention.
The bird flew high in the sky. The bird soared in the clouds.
The coffee was hot. The coffee was steaming.
The room was dark. The space was dimly lit.

On A Final Note:

When aiming to create a piece without repetition, rephrasing becomes essential. Swapping out overused words in a paragraph not only clarifies sentences but also improves readability. If you’re searching for a tool to assist with rephrasing text, consider using our online rephraser – a valuable resource for this purpose.

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