Are you tired of struggling to keep your messages within words limits on social media platforms? Our Word Counter tool is here to make your typing easier. With real-time word counting and limit highlighting, you can effortlessly craft clear and concise messages for maximum impact.

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Our Word Counter's Features:

  • Real-time word counting as you type in the text area.
  • Highlighting the word limit for each social media platform to ensure your message stays within the limit.
  • Clear messaging indicating when the text goes over the limit and what your next steps should be.


Count the Number of Words in a Document or Text

Whether you’re writing,  editing, or proofreading, our word counter tool helps you determine the length of your document and ensure it meets word count requirements.

Perfect for writers, editors, and other content creators, our word count feature helps you convey your message effectively and ensures your content is not too long or too short.

Ideal for Social Media and SEO, our word count tool helps you determine the right word count for your content type, ensuring your message reaches and resonates with your audience.

Using a Word Count Tool for Social Media Posts

Attention span: Keep your social media posts short and sweet with our word counter tool. Most social media platforms have a limited attention span, so our tool helps you keep your posts within the character limit for maximum impact.

Clarity: Say goodbye to unnecessary words and focus your message with our word count tool. Make your social media posts clearer and more impactful for your audience.

Time-saving: With a specific word count in mind, you can save time and effort in writing and editing your social media posts.