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Ignore words

explaining how "ignore words" feature works

Have you ever encountered situations where certain words disrupt the flow or meaning of your content? “Ignore Words” feature grants you the power to exclude specific words during the text processing phase. By seamlessly omitting these unwanted elements, you can fine-tune your content to match your desired tone and style, resulting in a polished piece that resonates with your audience.

Do not Process Quotes

Quotation marks often encapsulate verbatim text that should remain untouched. Our tool’s “Do Not Process Quotes” feature recognizes the significance of maintaining authenticity. By disregarding text enclosed within quotation marks, you can be confident that direct quotes, citations, and attributions remain unaltered, preserving the original essence of your content.

Exclude caps

exclude capitalized words feature

Consistency in writing is key. With the “Exclude Capitalized Words” feature, you have the ability to retain specific words written in capital letters in their original form. This feature proves invaluable when dealing with acronyms, proper nouns, or terms that should maintain their capitalized identity for clarity and precision.

Enhance Writing

Paraphrased content enhancer

At the heart of our tool lies the groundbreaking “Enhance Writing” feature, powered by GPT-3 technology. This feature transcends traditional paraphrasing, as it optimizes the clarity, readability, and fluency of your paraphrased content. By infusing your writing with the prowess of GPT-3, you’re equipped to captivate your readers with engaging, eloquent, and finely-tuned narratives.

Check Writing

Spell checker

Crafting impeccable content goes beyond rewording – it involves ensuring flawless grammar and punctuation. “Check Writing” feature comes to the rescue by enabling you to identify and rectify spelling or punctuation errors. This functionality streamlines your proofreading process, ensuring that your content stands strong on both substance and structure.

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