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An array of rewording features and settings that empower students and writers to craft compelling content in no time.
Screenshot showing a user interface for a text rewording software with two text areas for original and rewritten version

Optimize Text Clarity as needed in One Place

1. Ignore words

Screenshot explains how the the "ignore words" feature works

This feature lets you manually exclude specific words that you don’t want to change or shouldn’t be changed in order to keep the original meaning intact.

2. Do not Process Quotes

Activate this feature if you don’t want to process direct quotes, citations, and attributions, preserving your content’s original meaning.

3. Exclude caps

Screenshot shows the "Exclude capitalized words" feature
It’s really important to turn this feature on when dealing with terms that should not be reworded. For example:
  • Proper Nouns such as Colin Raffel. Geographical Names like cities and countries.
  • Titles and Formal Names like title of books and articles.
  • Scientific Terms like T5 or BERT language model.
  • Technical Terms and Jargon such as Technological Terms: Natural Language Processing (NLP).

4. Enhance Writing

the 'Paraphrase enhancer' feature in action

At the core of our rewording software lies the amazing “Enhance” feature, powered by GPT-3 technology. With one click you can quickly and easily rephrase text multiple times until you achieve the perfect result.

5. Check Writing

Spell checker feature

A handy built-in option to fix spelling and punctuation mistakes. This feature makes your proofreading easier and ensures the final output is both well-written and well-structured.

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