Track sentences Count in your text

Our sentence counter easily analyzes your text to determine the number of sentences in a given piece.

By understanding how many sentences are present in your work, you can identify areas where you may be overusing lengthy or convoluted sentence. This awareness enables you to make necessary revisions for better readability and comprehension.

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Instantly rephrase words, sentences and paragraphs in your essay, article, email or post with our user-friendly tool.

Doesn’t matter which platform you are writing content for, our word checker keeps track of your word count, making typing a breeze.

Save time and effort by quickly creating short names or abbreviations using the initial letters of longer words.

How to use the sentence counter tool

1) Start Typing:

Click on the box and type your sentences. Write anything you want!

2) See the Count:

As you write, look below the box. You’ll see how many sentences you’ve written.

3) No Button Needed:

You don’t need to click any button. The count updates as soon as you type.

The benefits of sentence counter for writers and editors

Using a sentence counter saves valuable time for both writers and editors. Manually counting sentences can be tedious and prone to error, especially when dealing with lengthy documents or multiple drafts. By relying on an automated tool, professionals can focus their energy on refining content rather than engaging in repetitive tasks

Sentence counter tools promote self-awareness among writers by highlighting patterns or tendencies in their writing style. By regularly checking their work with this tool, writers can identify habits such as excessive use of complex sentences or run-on structures. Armed with this knowledge, they can consciously improve their writing skills over time.

Other advantages of counting sentences before the submission of your work

Find more advantages of using our sentence counter

  • Avoiding Run-on Sentences and Fragmented Writing: Identifying incomplete or excessively long sentences that can hinder clarity.

  • Balancing Sentence Length in Academic Papers: Maintaining appropriate sentence length to convey complex ideas effectively.

  • Crafting Cohesive Paragraphs: Ensuring each paragraph contains a balanced number of sentences for coherence.

  • Evaluating Writing Progress: Tracking improvements by comparing the sentence count before and after revisions.

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