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Paraphrasing examples – Writing research papers and working for that one assignment that’s always bothering you can get quite hectic when you are clueless about it. Last moment submissions are still hectic, and you don’t have a lot of wiggle room to work through. With some looking up on the internet you can quickly write your papers in your own words now. The tool of paraphrasing can help almost anyone to create original content without having to worry about doing original research of their own.

About Paraphrasing

Presenting ideas that you have gathered from one or more sources in your own words is the gist of paraphrasing. With the help of the concept of paraphrasing, one can seamlessly create content. At some point in time, all of us have faced situations where we can’t think about anything new on our own.

Paraphrasing is indeed an essential academic skill for everyone who is a student or in the writing industry. By letting your thoughts to be portrayed in an article or research paper, you allow the reader to know how well you have understood the concept that has been taught to you.

How to be better at paraphrasing

The main catch of paraphrasing is that you need to be aware of the concepts that you are writing about. Yeah sure, you can always look back at the source material while writing an article, but the best paraphrases come by actually putting your thoughts into words.

There is a fine line between plagiarism and paraphrasing, but the repercussions of plagiarizing are huge. Paraphrasing doesn’t mean you can change a few words here and there. If a write up is too close to the source, then it would be taken as a plagiarized article. This line needs to be respected as writing your thoughts is ethical but taking someone else’s work is not.

We all know that practice makes perfect, but upon learning paraphrasing skills, the practice would make it permanent. It is a skill that is not easily forgotten even if you want to. To help out our readers who wish to get better at it, we would like to provide you with a few examples of paraphrasing –

Two Examples of Paraphrasing 

Original Paragraph (1)

Piratebay is one of the leading websites which provides users with torrent files. Torrents are an easy way of peer to peer sharing which allows people to share their files with friends. This peer to peer sharing was misused by Swedish creators who ended up costing millions of dollars to a countless movie, TV show and Video game producers.

Paraphrase example

File sharing has been made easier with the help of torrents which is a seamless way of peer to peer sharing. A Swedish website by the name of Pirate bay is one of the most popular places where you can find torrents for almost everything including movies, TV shows as well as video games. The pirate bay website has been promoting piracy and has broken many copyright regulations causing losses to countless people in the entertainment business.

Original Paragraph (2)

PC building is one of the most rewarding experiences that any tech enthusiast can get. As technology has grown, it has become more and more natural to assemble your machines. You can find many videos on YouTube that can help you understand the basics of PC building.

Paraphrase example

Building a computer of your own has now been made easier with the help of youtube. Over the years PC parts have gotten more comfortable to put together because of many innovations in their technology. If you are a tech enthusiast, then you would understand the joy you feel from building your computer. See more examples

Paraphrasing Examples for a Better Writing