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The word swap is an intransitive and transitive verb; it can simultaneously be intransitive and transitive in a particular sentence. This article will enlighten you on the various definitions of swap, its synonyms, and examples of it in sentences.

Word Form for the Term “Swap”

The word form for the term “swap” is:

  • Present tense – swap, swaps
  • Present Participle – swapping
  • Past Participle – swapped.
  • Past Tense – swapped.

Definitions Of Swap

Swapping in Paraphrasing

In writing, “swap” means changing a word for another to keep the main idea the same. Think of it like a word-swap game, where words switch places, but the sentence still means the same thing. This helps writers say the same thing in a new and cool way. This is similar to words like reword, rewrite, rephrase or paraphrase. It’s like changing colors when drawing a picture – you’re still showing the same scene, just with a fresh twist. When we use word swaps in paraphrasing, it’s like solving a fun word puzzle, where the pieces fit in a different but fun way while still saying what we meant to say. Searching for an effortless way to switch words? Visit our reworder tool to swap words in text easily and on the go.

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“Swap” As A Transitive Verb

It entails when people swap ideas and stories, etc., or tell each other about their experiences. Consider this example; After breakfast, they sat around swapping exciting stories about their holidays.

To replace one thing with another, i.e., swap an item for something else. For example, we swapped the worn-out cushion for a new one.

Swap as an Intransitive/Transitive Verb

It means to give something in exchange for another thing of value. Consider these examples:

Would you like to swap seats?

All members are advised always to swap books with each other, especially new students.

Furthermore, as an intransitive/ transitive verb, it entails when two individuals swap positions, jobs, or activities. It simply means when an individual does what the other individual was doing.

For example, let’s swap over, you’ll drive, and I will navigate.

As a Noun

It is a contract whereby two companies/parties agree to exchange their interest payments. The swap happens especially when payment is at a fixed rate, and the other amount varies due to the performance of a reference rate.

Synonyms For Swap

Synonyms for swap include:

  • Interchange
  • Exchange
  • Switch
  • Substitute
  • Trade
  • Replace
  • Alternate
  • Change
  • Substitution
  • Transpose
  • Invert
  • Reverse

How to Pronounce Swap

  • “s” as in “see”
  • “w” as in “wet”
  • “a” as in “cat”
  • “p” as in “pen”

Put these sounds together, and you get the pronunciation “swɒp.” The “ɒ” sound is similar to the “a” sound in “cat” but pronounced with the lips more rounded.

Click the play button to listen to the pronunciation of the word swap.

How to use swap in a sentence

  • He swapped his chocolate for a lollipop.
  • They swapped phones pretending to be other people.
  • Decide if you eat only raw food or if you will swap your lunch for a salad with nuts sprinkled on top.
  • Look for students who will love to swap notes for required courses.
  • Prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses are similar but cannot be swapped.
  • Sharon jumped out of the driver’s seat and swapped seats with her bodyguard.
  • Swap your pen for a pencil to take a math test.
  • The boys now play swap and switch whenever it suits their fancy since they share a crib.
  • You can swap out various ingredients in your recipes if you like.

On A Final Note

We’ve efficiently summarized all you need to know about the word “swap.” This article will help you understand the various definitions of swap, its examples in sentences, and synonyms.

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