paraphrase synonyms and antonyms

To paraphrase means to write or say words related to the original word to avoid repetition. When paraphrasing, you change the words but retain the original meaning and message of the content. If you require assistance in this area, rewritetool.net’s reworder can help you automatically replace words. As you read on, you discover everything you need to know about paraphrasing and some solid examples. Enjoy the read!

What are the Best Synonyms for Paraphrase

The following are synonyms of paraphrasing:

  1. Restating
  2. Rephrasing – read more about rephrasing meaning
  3. Rewording
  4. Expressing in different words
  5. Recasting
  6. Reshaping
  7. Putting in other terms
  8. Reformulating
  9. Recounting
  10. Explaining in alternate language

How to Paraphrase Using Synonyms

1. Original Sentence: “The weather is extremely hot today.”

Paraphrased Sentence: “Today’s weather is scorching.”

2. Original Sentence: “She was elated when she received the job offer.”

Paraphrased Sentence: “She felt thrilled upon receiving the job offer.”

3. Original Sentence: “The research findings indicate that exercise is beneficial for overall health.”

Paraphrased Sentence: “The research results suggest that engaging in physical activity can have positive effects on one’s general well-being.”

4. Original Sentence: “The novel tells the story of a young orphan who embarks on a journey to find his true identity.”

Paraphrased Sentence: “The book narrates the tale of a juvenile orphan who sets off on a quest to discover his real sense of self.”

What are the Antonyms of Paraphrasing?

Here, we will be discussing the antonyms of paraphrasing as well as some examples to make you understand better.

1. Quoting: This defeats the original purpose of paraphrasing. Quoting involves using the exact words and phrases from another source in your current work. So, instead of rephrasing or trying to reword, you just lift the words in the reference work and use it in yours.

Example: “According to the article, ‘The car is fast'” (verbatim quote)

2. Copying: It is what it is when it comes to copying. You just lift the words and paste them into your work.

Example: Copying and pasting a paragraph from a source without altering the wording.

3. Mimicking: This means trying to copy original content without any changes to it.

Example: Mimicking the exact sentence structure and phrasing of the original source.

4. Parroting: As a Parrot would repeat what you say, so it is with parroting when it comes to writing. Parroting is similar to mimicking. It involves repeating the original content without changing words or phrases.

Paraphrase Synonyms and Antonyms?

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